“My God, It’s full of stars!”

No, this is not a post about the famous novel “2001: A Space Odyssey”, it’s about a small project I started a few months ago for the “Multimedia” class at the University. It is a metaphoric visualization of famous people, which are represented as stars in a galaxy. The visualization shows those people who were born or died a particular day of the year in a spiral continuum which represents time.

Galaxy Of Fame

You can view “Galaxy Of Fame” in action here:

P.S. Special thanks to Andy for supporting me on this project!


Shield made out of British Pounds

© Devin Patel

© Devin Patel

Many of you might have already saw that, but I thought it’s so cool I couldn’t resist. So if you have one of each coin of the british pounds you can see it for yourselves. All together they make the shield printed on the back of 1 pound. And to prove my point:

The geeky info of the day. You’re welcome ^_^


Visiting London? Then this is for you…

Top 100 places in London

A word cloud of the Top 100 places in London

If there is anything that can make me even more excited about science, then it must be to get involved with it. The more active I get, the more I like it… but enough with the introductions! This semester, as part of an assignment for the university, I did a small survey to find out the most popular places in London and I wanted to share it with you. I think the results are quite interesting.

About 50 people
More than 270 answers

Here is the full list: Top 100 places in London

P.S. I would like to thank anyone that participated to the survey for their valuable help.


StockMKT at Kingston Marketplace

Today it was my first official walk alone with my favourite DSLR camera.

And there was this event happening in Kingston Town, called The StockMKT (http://www.thestockmkt.com/). As it seems, it was an open market at Kingston’s Marketplace. So I decided to check what it was all about, and I’m posting some of the pictures I got. Hope you enjoy them and don’t judge me, I’m still a newbie noob.



Boat Party

Today I went to my first boat party, on the river.

the boat

The boat that we partied on.

I have to admit that this was one of the coolest things I have done for quite a long time. The boat started its route from Kingston’s “Turks Pier”, went all the way up to Richmond, then all the way down to Hampton court and then back to Kingston at night. The whole thing started at 7 and finished around 11 o’clock, so four hours of partying on a boat.. not bad.

At first everyone was excited about being on a boat party, on Thames, and the sun was still up so we were all enjoying the view, but around 8 the food appeared so everyone disappeared.

the inside lower floor of the boat

The inside lower floor of the boat, where there were all the seatings.

Around 9 I was still outside wondering where everyone went, when I went inside on the upper floor only to find out there was a real party going on. Loud disco music, 80’s red, blue and green lights all over the ceiling and everyone was dancing their ass off! And we kept dancing for another two hours…


It was clearly one of the best parties ever.


Facebook Hackathon

P1110935At first we were hesitating whether we should go or not. But it was proved to be a valuable experience. I’m talking about Facebook Hackathon, an event that took place in London on the 27th and 28th. First of all, for those of you that keep asking me, no a hackathon isn’t a place where all the geeks gather and hack the system. Ah, well not exactly. A hackathon is an event in which all the participants spend 24 hours in the same place to make something from scratch and compete depending on what they made. These days there were two main hackathon’s going on in London, one from Facebook and one from Yahoo. We decided to go to the first one, but if I could do it again I don’t know which one I would choose, both had their ups and downs. Anyway. Continue reading