“My God, It’s full of stars!”

No, this is not a post about the famous novel “2001: A Space Odyssey”, it’s about a small project I started a few months ago for the “Multimedia” class at the University. It is a metaphoric visualization of famous people, which are represented as stars in a galaxy. The visualization shows those people who were born or died a particular day of the year in a spiral continuum which represents time.

Galaxy Of Fame

You can view “Galaxy Of Fame” in action here:

P.S. Special thanks to Andy for supporting me on this project!


Mastering Geography


When you can’t travel physically, it’s a good opportunity to broaden your knowledge about the world, discover new places to visit and prepare your future journeys. As that’s the situation with us, because we just returned from our Easter trip and our money box is empty, we have started playing geography games on the internet to test our knowledge and to learn new stuff.

After achieving satisfactory scores in findind countries, cities and landmarks on the European map we focused on other continents like Africa and Asia. So far, we are both able to locate almost every country plus some popular cities on those two continents and all that by just playing games. I think we are addicted in this kind of games…


The sink paradox

Wondering around the United Kingdom we came across the same problem many times. Trying to wash our hands, brush our teeth or refresh our faces we had to choose between boiling water or ice-cold water because there were two separate taps located in opposite directions on the sink. See for your selves:

A typical sink in UK

A typical sink in UK

As a result of the above situation, a plausible question arises; Why is this happening? Are the sinks from an age that it was difficult to produce complex faucets? Is it a tradition derived from the above ages? What is it?


Like they say, it’s the journey that matters not the destination.

After a long journey in the UK mainland, for the Easter vacations, we ended up in Scotland. We spent two days in Edinburgh and there was one more left until we return to London. The plan was to visit Glasgow but we made a last minute change to our plans as a little thought that planted in our head grew up spontaneously fast. We were so close to the Highlands…

So, we booked a full day trip to Loch Ness, charged our cameras, prepared our bags and here are the results of our decision.