Plan(t)ing like crazy

Since I returned to my home town, at the parents’ house, I am constantly trying to find hobbies in order to not socialize a lot with them ­čśŤ But seriously, while thinking about stuff I like, what I thought I always wanted to do but never really had the chance was to make my own piece of “green paradise” at my balcony.┬áSo I bought some beautiful plants and started sowing like crazy ­čśÇ
So far I’ve got Oregano,┬áRosemary, Spearmint,┬áChrysanthemum and lovely red Roses!

The next ones on the list are some mint and basil. Can’t wait..



StockMKT at Kingston Marketplace

Today it was my first official walk alone with my favourite DSLR camera.

And there was this event happening in Kingston Town, called The StockMKT (http://www.thestockmkt.com/). As it seems, it was an open market at Kingston’s Marketplace. So I decided to check what it was all about, and I’m posting some of the pictures I got. Hope you enjoy them and don’t judge me, I’m still a newbie noob.



Cambridge vs Oxford

After being to Oxford twice I’ve been dying to go to Cambridge as well, only to be able to actually compare these two and see which side I’m choosing. Yesterday, after a lot of effort to overcome the obstacles that have been raised (bloody money), we finally made it there and I’m so happy we did. Don’t get me wrong, Oxford is beautiful and I hate everyone that lives there just for being able to be there.. But I think I’m more of a Cambridge person. The universities were enormous and beautiful and mostly there was so much green over there! The garden in the back of Trinity College was simply the best.

P1110895bBut, silly me, I think what got me the most was the Jerwood Library. It’s stupid I know, it’s not like it’s something old or beautiful or anything, but I loved this window seat, next to the bridge, in front of the river. I actually wish I could be there right now, while writing this post, lying on this bed, looking outside the window and facing the beautiful view.

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Gotta love London at night..

As I always say, if you love London in the morning, then you’ve got to adore it at night. The lights, the colours, the music, the crazy bloody┬ádrunk people.. Everything is so awesome! Every time we’re getting of on Waterloo Station during the evening, when there’s no day light out, I’m enjoying every corner of this city more than I could imagine. Especially when you’ re near the river, watching Big Ben and London eye and the whole riverside.. Ah, you really gotta love London at night.


P.S. These are some photos Peter got on St. Patrick’s Day in London. I loved them. I hope you do as well.